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Special discounts

We love to offer discounts throughout the year, be sure to subscribe to receive the email updates!

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Frequent Travelers

Our loyalty program is great for business travelers in or around the Winder area.  The Fox and the Farmhouse is within walking distance to downtown Winder.

Loyalty Program Business Travelers

Thanks for joining our Loyalty Program!


Dragonfly Aviation

Are you coming for a class with Dragonfly Aviation?  Send us a chat and we will help with the lodging reservation and special discount!

We have guests come from miles around to get their 'ink' from HairBraine Tattoo

If you have a HairBraine appointment and need lodging, send us a chat and we can help with the lodging reservation; including a special discount!

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First Responders

First responders have a special place in our hearts and rightly so! My dad had a long career in law enforcement as did my brother.   As a child, I spent a great deal of time at the fraternal order of police functions throughout the years, law enforcement was simply a part of our lives. My dad and brother made a lot of sacrifices to keep our community safe, I'll never forget that.  Additionally, several of our children have served proudly in the military and a few of us are nurses too!  So in honor of all first responders AND their family members, we always give a 10% nightly rate discount: every day.  When booking your stay, send us a chat first and be sure to mention that you are a FIRST RESPONDER and experience our great hospitality and rates!

First Responders discount
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